Clean Exterior Windows from Inside

Safely clean windows for your highrise apartment or house from the inside.


Using WindoWashr’s “Do It Yourself” safety system and our step-by-step guide, including tips and tricks, we will provide you the confidence & safety  to clean your windows, or we can come to you.  


Trusted by numerous Apartment dwellers

Mike S.

I was extremely impressed. The WindoWashr system & guide was a safe, efficient, effective.  


My windows are clean and my guests were impressed that there is no longer bird poop on the widows.  I did it all without having to leave my apartment.  Pretty neat. 


This is going to save me thousands and ensure my windows are clean year round. 


Thank you! 

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Our innovative magnetic cleaning technology ensures streak-free, spotless windows without the hassle of hanging out of highrise buildings.

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